Sttera: Software for Audio Recognition and Orchestration as Medium for Music Ritual


Contemporary tools support new ways to mediate ritual practices such that they are collaborative, inclusive and shared via digital devices. This research presents an interaction framework that can be used for the development of music rituals mediated by digital devices, and a proof-of-concept software entitled Sttera. It starts from the relationship that performers have with space, the embodied activity of making music and the concept of musicking. For the development of the proof-of-concept, cloud computing technologies are used to establish communication between participants as well as machine learning (ML) for audio detection and orchestration. The aim of this research was to design a platform and interaction model that could mediate and enhance the establishment of musical rituals without affecting the participants’ sense of presence in the performative space.


music ritual, audio recognition and learning, orchestration, software-based mediation

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Arandas, L. H. & Penha, R. (2022) “Sttera: Software for Audio Recognition and Orchestration as Medium for Music Ritual”, Journal of Creative Music Systems. 6(1). doi:






Luís Henrique Arandas (University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering)
Rui Penha (School of Music and Performing Arts)




Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

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