Evolving Instrument Based on Symbiont-Host Metaphor: a Commensal Computation


We present a suite of tools under development for music creation and performance which combines an evolving music generation algorithm with an evolving motion-sensitive interface. The system can be used as a dance-driven musical instrument that allows an immediate physical interaction with music, because the evolutionary algorithm gen- erates live code, that evolves during the performance. The classification of the physical moves required to control the music also evolve, leading to a performance both in sound and in motion. To reach this goal we introduce commensal computation, a way of organising artificially evolv- ing system inspired by symbiotic relationships observed in biology. As a consequence the system is split in two organisms: a host which generates music from input moves; and a symbiont which simplifies the representa- tion of the input moves for the host. We describe how it allows evolution, and sketch the artistic possibilities.

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Rigotti, C. , Beslon, G. , Abernot, J. , Peignier, S. & Hickinbotham, S. (2017) “Evolving Instrument Based on Symbiont-Host Metaphor: a Commensal Computation”, Journal of Creative Music Systems. 2(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.5920/JCMS.2017.11






Christophe Rigotti (University of Lyon)
Guillaume Beslon (INRIA)

Jonas Abernot (University of Lyon)

Sergio Peignier (University of Lyon)

Simon Hickinbotham (University of York)




Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

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